Request for donations

Funds are needed for activities to protect sea turtles. If you sympathize with our aims, we'd very much appreciate a donation. Your contribution will be used to pay for survey equipment; transmitters and communications costs for tracking of turtles by satellite; DNA analysis costs; expenses incurred by fishermen in aiding turtles; survey volunteers' transport and food costs; expenses involved in beach environment surveys; personnel expenses for SE Asian activities; purchase of turtles and eggs in SE Asia (1,000 yen enables us to protect one nest); and printing expenses for reports, etc.
Corporations, organizations, and individuals contributing one million yen or more will be listed in our future publications.

 Accounts to which donations can be remitted:

Senshu Bank, Hirakata-kita Branch, Ordinary a/c no. 0411719

Sumitomo Bank, Hirakata Branch, Ordinary a/c no. 1174327

Post Office a/c no. 00940-3-1095, Nihon Umigame Kyogikai


Contact information:

Sea Turtle Association of Japan (NPO)
Nagao-Motomachi 5-17-18-302
Osaka 573-0163

Tel: 072-864-0335 (+81-72-864-0335)
Fax: 072-864-0535 (+81-72-864-0535)

Many thanks for your support:

Kanetetsu Delica Foods Co. Ltd.
Toyo Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.
Amway Nature Center
Japan Fund for Global Environment
Japan Environmental Corporation
Marine Blue 21
Osaka Community Foundation
Japan Foundation
(Main organizations supporting our activities)