What is the Sea Turtle Association of Japan?

Sea Turtles are migratory animals, covering great spans of ocean during different stages of their long lives. This can make studying them a daunting task to researchers and protecting them even more difficult. The Sea Turtle Association of Japan is dedicated to protecting these animals by promoting a free exchange of information between countries, protecting nesting beaches and helping to educate the public on their importance.

The Sea Turtle Association of Japan was founded in 1990. Since then, every fall, we've held a Japan Sea Turtle Symposium. Our most importantactivities are counting nesting turtles, and marking them to enable discrimination, using consistent methods throughout Japan.

Previous Japan Sea Turtle Symposiums

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We work to foster connections between people involved with turtles throughout Japan, and provide systematic support for their activities.In this way, we hope to help sea turtles by gaining a more detailed and broader understanding of their current situation, and by proposing specific means of preserving their ocean environment.

In fact, we are an organization of people connected with sea turtles from all over Japan, including:@

Those who simply have an interest in sea turtles,
Those who look after sea turtles in aquariums,
Those who survey nesting turtles in their spare time,
Those who study and research sea turtles at universities and colleges...,

and many others.


We vary greatly in our situations, occupations, ages, and even opinions! Using this diversity, we hope to consolidate a network encompassing all parts of Japan, and to facilitate information provision and action.