16th. Japan Sea Turtle Symposium (in Tsuyazaki)


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Date:2005/11/18 to 20

Leadership Panel
*Annual Report on Sea Turtle nesting survey in Japan.
*Annual report on Sea Turtle Tagging survey in Japan.

*Annual report on Sea Turtle Stranding survey in Japan.

Exhibit symposium

Invited speaker

"Wildlife protection and veterinary science"
?? Dr.Alonso Aguirres)

Schedule (as directly translated from japanese page. Aplogies for any confusion

Friday, the 18th 15:30 Opening ceremony
????Turtle of chairman of word ??Japanese sea turtle conference Sakinaoki of opening a meeting??
??Greeting ??????Taketomi mayor ??large Motake??
16:00 Evening when it talks about sea turtle
Session 1"It is effective in island ??sea turtle's guide ahead. "
??"The last sea turtle fisherman" ??Higa??
??"Sea turtle investigation in Miyakojima Yoshino coast by Obar" ??Take between ??roots
??"Sea turtle in Iriomotejima" ??Yonezo ??Ikeda(video appearance)??
??"Sea turtle's stuffing is made. " ??Mountain castle ??Oyacai. (video appearance)
??"Sea turtle on Zamami island" ??Hideyuki ??Miyahira(video appearance)
16:45 Session 2"Sea turtle and human"
??"Sea turtle in Okinawa and human society" ??Wakatsuki ??former tree
??"Sea turtle in Okinawa and folk customs" ??Hiroshiakira ??Fujii??
17:15 Session 3"Special lecture"
??"Wildlife protection and veterinary science" ??Dr.Alonso Aguirre
18:30 End

Oral announcements on Saturday, the 19th
9:00 ??"Zoccan of seawater and sea turtle investigation and research" ??Sunshiny shop ??Tscasad
9:15 ??"Sea turtle egg laying of large time of Itoman coast" ??Shigeo ??Kobayashi
9:30 ??"Egg laying and problem of sea turtle in On'na-son salt shop coast" ??Pane ??Rumi
9:45 ??"Sea turtle egg laying by Toriistation" ??Satitihan ??Nao
10:00 ??"Spawning ground and the current state of sea turtle in Okinawa main island Ogimi-son" ??U.S. ??Kunio??
10:15 ??"Spawning ground and the current state of sea turtle in Okinawa main island Kunigami-son" ??Positive ??denomination product
11:00 ??"It is a major factor (For the main Okinawa island) as sea turtles' spawning ground. " ??Chapter of ??Kikugawa.
11:15 ??"Understand from the bycatch sea turtle in the Ginoza fixation net. " The ??flat part of the hand ??Yasushi city.
11:30 ??"Egg laying of sea turtle of Ishigakijima" ??Kiu ??Tanizaki??
??"Sea turtle, shark, and dugong in Zoccan of seawater and Okinawa" 11:45 Utidasen ??3
12:15 ??Shin'ya lunch ??video screening "Sea and sea turtle in Okinawa" ??Inoue and Takamatsu ??Asuka
13:30 ??"One in Yaeyama islands sands coast investigation executed in 1990" ??Iwase ??writer
13:45 ??"Sahi of green turtle and hawksbill of Yaeyama islands the neighboring waters" ??Black Yanagikenge??
14:00 ??"Sea turtle washing investigation and bycatch prevention technology of Ishigakijima" ??Abe????
14:15 ??"Breeding and cultivation under artificial environment of hawksbill" ??Masato ??Kobayashi
14:30 ??"What is the sea turtle in the Yaeyama islands neighboring waters eating?" ??Senagage. ??
14:45 ??"Ecology of snake and Acamata that eat hatchlings" ??Ota ??British profit
15:30 ??"Sea turtle in Japan of 2005"(summary of egg laying, beachings, and sign investigation etc.)
17:00 ????End
19:30 Public entertainments ??black island entrance theory etc. of ????get-together ??black island

Sunday, the 20th Supervised tour such as the islands between pigeons ??Iriomotejima

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