The 19th Annual Japan Sea Turtle Conference



We are proud to announce that the 19th annual Sea Turtle conference will be held in Akashi city located in Hyogo prefecture. This year’s lecture will focus on the qualitative problems of artificial beaches as well as issues caused by nest relocation. Akashi city's beaches have been bolstered though beach re-nourishment programs. Much of their sand has been artificially produced. Loggerhead Sea turtles however still use this area for nesting. Dr. Ralph Ackerman will be this year’s guest speaker. Dr. Ackerman is known for his research on the relationship between the environment and Sea Turtle eggs.

Akashi is a city of about 300,000 people. Famous tourist sites include a small castle located near the main station. A popular local food is Akashiyaki, a kind of fried Octopus dumpling.  Akashi is a Shinkansen (bullet train) station stop, making travel to it quite easy. We hope you will be able to join us there

Sponsored by the Japan sea turtle conference, Akeshi City, and the Akeshi City board of education
  Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the Ministry of the Environment, fishery ministry,
and Hyogo Prefecture


The date:     Friday, November 28, 2008 - the 30th(Sunday)
Place :      Hyogo Prefecture   Akeshi City people hall
There is a participation fee.   

Guest lecturer: Dr.   Ralph Ackerman(U.S.)



Friday, November 28 :  Open symposium
 "Artificial sands as a medium for natural reproduction and the problem"(possible topic)   
 Dr. Ralph Ackerman(U.S.)

 Keynote address: Ecosystems and Sea turtles sands
Panel discussion     


 Saturday, the 29th Activity report from Japanese various locations
Turtle   party  

(fee system and hall: Green Hill Hotel Akashi)

      Sunday, the 30th Activity report from   Japanese various places